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Parent Visa At The Harrington Law Firm we help clients from Connecticut and Massachusetts deal with family immigration cases involving petitioning for parent visas. If you are a United States citizen, you can petition your parents to come to the U.S. on a parent visa. The parental immigration process can be complex, because "parent" is not defined under U.S. immigration law, so establishing the relationship depends on meeting the existing definition of "child". For fathers of children born out of wedlock, it is also necessary to show that there was an ongoing parent/child relationship before the child reached 21. Parents may also be able to seek a parent visa through their stepchild.

In most cases, parents are classified as immediate relatives and don't have to wait for an immigrant visa number to become available once the INS approves the application filed for them.

The waiting time for an immigrant visa after the National Visa Center or foreign service post receives the approved petition depends mostly on workload permitting. The post may begin processing the approved petition upon receipt as immediate relative visas aren't numerically limited by statute.

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