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The Harrington Law Firm is your ally and partner for your Hartford CT immigration and nationality legal needs. The Harrington Law Firm will be there for you step by step throughout the entire process to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Select a Hartford Immigration Law Service from the options provided below to learn how The Harrington Law Firm can assist with your Hartford CT immigration and naturalization legal needs.

About The Harrington Law Firm

The Immigration & Naturalization Legal Professionals

The Harrington Law Firm LLC prides itself on being a dedicated ally and partner in the representation of our clients immigration needs. We will be there for you every step of the way through the entire immigration process to make sure your case is handled properly.

Just as importantly, Harrington Law Firm is truly devoted to our clients. We understand each immigration process you need to take to attain legal immigration status in the United States and are always available to answer and assist with your specific immigration issues.

Harrington Law Firm LLC is an Immigration Law Firm located in New London, Connecticut. For more than twenty years, Attorney Nancy Harrington has been representing clients from around the world, including Professionals, large multi-national corporations, small businesses, medical and technical professionals, and those individuals who require immigration assistance for their families.

Harrington Law Firm provides a wide range of immigration legal services and it is our goal to provide a superior level of service to our clients. In addition, our Firm offers businesses and individuals efficient, cost effective legal services along with the legal experience to handle complex immigration matters.

As a seasoned Immigration Lawyer, Ms. Harrington takes great pride in her integrity, honesty, hard work and ability to find solutions to complex issues for her clients. Coupled with her in-depth knowledge of immigration law, clients are assured that their immigration legal needs are accurately being addressed.

Harrington Law offers payment plans and accepts most major credit cards.

About Nancy Harrington

Massachusetts and Connecticut Immigration Lawyer

Attorney Nancy Harrington is an experienced immigration lawyer who is a member in good standing of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and is licensed to practice law in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Attorney Harrington was raised in Connecticut and attended the University of Rhode Island where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

In 1993, she obtained her Juris Doctor degree from New England School of Law and is admitted to practice law in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Attorney Harrington began her legal career as the co-founder and Partner of Harrington Law Offices in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1994, she has advocated and assisted hundreds of businesses, individuals, families, and organizations with their immigration legal issues.

Nancy Harrington
Attorney Nancy Harrington



Nancy Harrington
Attorney Nancy Harrington

Yes, I will meet with you and get to know what immigration issues you have. I will formulate a plan of action and discuss it with you. I will ask for certain documents and will complete the relevant forms and file them. I will keep you informed as to the progression of your case. I will help you from the start of the case until the end of the case.

Yes I do attend the marriage interview with you both. I will meet with you both 3-4 weeks before the interview to review what documents you need to bring. I will also conduct a practice interview with you to make you more comfortable with the process.

I have successfully handled Permanent Residency cases and Naturalization cases where my client had been arrested. Every case is different. It depends on the charges and the outcome of the case.

Yes, I accept credit cards and payment terms can be established.